Jakiś czas temu miałam okazje fotografować Chrzest malutkiej Oleńki. Miała wtedy 5 miesięcy, i była niesamowicie grzeczna, oraz cudownie pozowała. Już zapomniałam jakie grzeczne moga być dzieci w tym wieku…


18 203119


Free iPhone
8 listopada 2010

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Genaro Allman
10 czerwca 2010

hehe o . k . so here is just how brainless I am, halfway through reading through your post I dropped my sensitive mouse and shut the site by accident and I could not find your page again until 5 days afterwards to finish reading through where I left off since I did not remember how I linked to your blog in the first place lol anyway it was worth the delay..thank you 🙂

Watch Twilight Eclipse
8 czerwca 2010

hey i posted a remark quite some time back about exactly how to speed up my twilight eclipse site’s load time since we used the very same theme at the time and somebody placed a comment responding to it on my webpage a couple of days ago – if that was you I simply wanted to say thanks, and if it was not you then i’m sorry to take the time you, but cheers anyhow! 🙂

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